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Afterschool Programmes

Magical Maths is an afterschool maths programme exclusively for local primary schools. We offer mind blowing assemblies to ‘wow’ students, which we then follow up with our afterschool clubs. Magical Maths clubs are quite the spectacle; we’ve got a genius professor, world class detectives, mind reading magicians and eccentric athletes, all dedicated to making maths fun at primary school just like yours.

Every year we help thousands of students to love their maths!

So what’s it all about?

Magical Maths provides two six week programmes; Magical Maths Training and Magical Maths Graduation. Within these two programmes, each week involves a different theme. Here is an example of the themes that are involved with our Magical Maths Training programme:

  • Week 1: Maths Genius Training
  • Week 2: Maths Detective Training
  • Week 3: Mathemagician Training
  • Week 4: Mathletes Training
  • Week 5: Puzzles & Games Training
  • Week 6: Vote for your favourite to return!

Each week has a single, one hour session and covers a variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. The clubs include some dressed up characters that will visit the schools from week to week, including a maths detective, a maths genius, the mathletes, and a mathemagician. Each week there are three different activities that the children will take part in. These activities are based around mega fun games, puzzles and tricks.



rebecca small cropped.jpg

Professor Poopenshtinken

The Mathemagician smaller.jpg

The Mathemagician

Our programmes aim to:

  • Work according to the National Curriculum.
  • Provide children with an opportunity to practice and develop their maths skills.
  • Develop childrens’ confidence in the ability to engage with maths.
  • Achieve all of the above in a way that is genuinely fun and has them excited to come back every week!

“My Son enjoyed himself so much! He would rush home and pull out his ʻtricks bookletʼ and practice them on me. I was honestly very impressed and pleased, can you book him on the next one?”

Paresh Parmar
Waterley's Primary School

Just some of our many awards:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Magical Maths appropriate for?

We have a Key Stage 1 club and a Key Stage 2 club. We can cope with all ages and abilities within the key stages. We have a variety of activities ready for the ‘high flyers’ who solve the puzzles so fast we struggle to keep up, and also those who find it difficult.

Who runs the Magical Maths sessions?

Our Mathemagician’s Assistants are the most passionate, enthusiastic, excitable maths lovers in the country! Our very own Maths Genius Professor Poopenshtinken scouted long and hard for these folks. All have undergone our Magical Maths secret training, and have enhanced DBS checks.

How many Mathemagician’s Assistants work with the children?

We have a strict 1-to-12 staff-to-child ratio, which means that children get fantastic value for money! Children will get more focused attention from staff members than classroom learning or any other extra curricula help you get for this kind of price range.

Where do Magical Maths programmes take place?

Magical Maths will take place in a designated space within your school.

Will parents/guardians be informed about what their little one gets up to at Magical Maths?

At the end of most weeks, the children take home a booklet containing aspects of what they have covered during the programme, meaning that they can continue the fun and learning at home!

Parents will also get an email each week detailing what their children have undergone during the sessions. These emails mean that parents can:

  • Ensure they use Magical Maths to continue helping their children at home.
  • Ask for more booklets if they need them.
  • Get unlimited email access to the Magical Maths team for any questions or help related to the maths that has been covered.

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